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The skull. A symbol that, since any one of us can remember, has represented death, fear and piracy is now being transformed into a symbol of life. Although the brand is ‘Die’ To Self, this is not the conventional death. Death to self through Jesus is the death we speak of. Most are unaware of the symbolism of the skull in the Bible, and many are surprised by it.
Our brand hinges on the greatest event to ever happen in the history of mankind, the crucifixion. This event took place at a location known as Calvary, also translated as Golgotha. This is where the symbol of the skull stems from. The Greek word κρανίον (kran-ee-on), translated as Calvary, means skull. And the word Golgotha is a Hebrew word which also means skull-better known as the “place of the skull.” The skull is a bold symbol that we have died to ourselves with Christ at Calvary.
Still, the story has much more history than that. Even long before Christ was born. A prophecy, the first of which states the coming of the Messiah, mentions that Jesus would crush the head of Satan himself. This is the first clue as to where Christ would be crucified, the place of the skull.
Many are aware of the story of a small boy who with favor from God destroyed an empire with a sling shot and three tiny rocks. David versus Goliath. The tradition in Jerusalem at the time was that a defeated foe’s head would be displayed on a hill or site that would display victory for all. Scripture does not exactly say where David displayed Goliath’s head, but it’s not a far stretch to assume that the giant’s head was buried on Calvary. Another clue.
Thus the significance of Jesus being crucified on Calvary, the place of the skull, was to show His victory over His enemy, Satan. As Jesus was lifted up on the cross He fulfilled the prophecy mentioned early by crushing the skull of Satan. Jesus was literally in a position over His enemies, over the giants of evil. The skull is a bold symbol that we have victory over Satan and the giants of evil.
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