Make a bold statement

with one of our beautiful accessories.


The Genesis Ring

Getting its name from being the first conceived, it was this ring that began us down this journey of Die To Self. It was the beginning. Each ring is crafted with an ounce and a half of the purest silver from our trusted foundries and individually hand torched to give it its weathered look. Because each ring is hand torched none are the same, you can be sure you are receiving a one of a kind accessory when you purchase The Genesis Ring.

The Judges Ring

After working with a few different techniques and decorations, The Judges Ring was perfected. A polished surface, with blue accents and moonstone inlaid eyes gives this ring a distinguished look that is sure to have people asking about it. That is why we say ‘wear it proudly’ because you will most likely be giving a testimony of the meaning on a daily bases.


The Kings Ring

The King’s Ring is the most expensive item in the DTS Brand collection, primarily because it consists of 1.5 ounces of gold. You will certainly feel the weight of this ring on your finger, and because it is forged with some of the purest materials the softness of the ring on your finger cannot be beat. It also has moonstone inlaid eyes that take its appearance beyond anything normally seen.

The Classic Trucker

The typical classic trucker hat with a hip feel. These hats were specifically made by/for the owner of DTS. A farm boy at heart he needed his camo, but our graphic team is full of urbanites. So fortunately for the world they were able to persuade him to go with a more hip camp option with a nice badge. We present to you the classic trucker hat.

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